Materials and quality control

Quality control begins with the selection of duly certified suppliers. The materials are controlled, by sampling, at the entrance of the production unit, verifying their physical and technical compliance, as well as the guarantee of delivery in the strict conditions of packaging and hygiene required. Tests are carried out in an internal laboratory in order to ensure that the materials unequivocally correspond to the specifications included in the respective technical sheets. Until there are results of these tests, the materials are quarantined. Only materials that fully respect the parameters defined by the standards that frame the operation of GMD – Global Medical Devices, Ltd. are stored.

The steps of the production methodology are duly listed in the Quality Manual and are carried out in accordance with the European Standard EN 149:2001 + A1:2009. Production is entirely carried out in a cleanroom environment, ensuring maximum hygiene for all stakeholders (physical, mechanical, electronic and human), as well as for the final product. Production has (i) visual checkpoints along the lines; (ii) end-of-line verification and (iii) internal laboratory testing by sampling.

The product is packaged in a cleanroom, ensuring that it reaches the end consumer in the most demanding conditions of hygiene and safety of use.

GMD – Global Medical Devices, Lda is a company focused on the manufacture and sale of personal protective equipment.


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